Using method of Recarburizer


Using method of Recarburizer

1: Furnace input method

Carburant agent mostly used in Induction Furnace,but the specific usage is not always same according to the technological requirement.

(1)When Recarburizer used in Medium Frequency Furnace,it should be added into middle and lower part of furnace according to ratio or carbon demand together with other charging materials, recovery rate can reach more than 95%

(2)If carbon content is insufficient to adjust carbon in molten iron,first clean out slag and add carbon additive,dissolving and absorbing carbon by raising temperature of molten iron,electromagnetic stirring or artificial stirring. Recovery rate can reach about 90%,if adopting low-temperature carbonization process,which means only a part of burden have been melt, under such low-temperature of liquid iron,adding all carburizing agent at once, together with  some solid charge to press them into liquid iron and avoid from exposed into surface. Carbon content of liquid iron can increase 1.0% by this method,

2:Carburet outside the furnace

(1)Spraying Graphite Powder in package

When choosing graphite powder as carburant agent, blowing amount would be 40kg/t, and the carbon content of liquid iron should increase from 2% to 3%,meanwhile, the carbon use ratio decreased with the increasing of the iron liquid carbon content,the temperature of liquid iron is 1600 C before carbonization, after decreased to 1299 C. Generally using nitrogen gas as a carrier when spray graphite powder to increase carbon content, But under the condition of industrial production, it is more convenient to use compressed air, also the chemical reaction heat occured during oxygen combustion in compressed air can partially compensate part of cooling, and the reducing atmosphere conductive of CO can surely improve carburization result.

(2)Using recarburizer during iron come out process

Put Graphte Powder with size 100-200 mesh into package, or flow into the iron tank,Efficient stirring after the iron liquid come out, as far as possible to make the solution of carbon absorption, carbon recovery rate would be about  50%.