Graphite Petroleum Coke

Graphite Petroleum Coke

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Production Description

Graphite Petroleum Coke is widely used as carburant in steel-making industry ans precision casting industry, reduction pregnant agent in the casting industry,reducing agent in metallurgical industry and as one kind of refractories etc.

Graphite Petroleum Coke could promote the nucleation of the graphite in liquid iron,increase the amount of spheroidal graphite, and improve the structure and the grade of grey and ductile iron.

Based on the microstructure observation, the features of Graphite Petroleum Coke are as following:

First,It can greatly increase the proportion of ferrite content of the nodular cast iron without pearlite stabilizer, Second, it can increase the percentage of V and VI shaped graphite when it is used;Third, comparing with the improvement of the shape of spheroidal graphite, the great increase of spheroidal graphite amount can decrease the usage of expensive nucleating agent for later micro-adjustment and save the cost remarkably